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HACKS: Fridge Edition

Updated: Jan 25, 2019

Here are some cool hacks you can use to keep your fridge organized and your food fresher

Is your fridge a hot mess? Do you lose things in the abyss, only to find them expired? Never fear! The hacks below will help you take control of your fridge clutter and keep you from throwing out perfectly good food that just got forgotten about. We've even provided links to the products mentioned so you can easily find what you need to get organized!


1. Put a Lazy Susan in your fridge!

Adding a Lazy Susan (or a few) to your fridge helps solve the problem of things getting lost in the back, never to be seen again. We found one for a great price on amazon that are available in four different colors:

These are a space and a food saver!


2. Stackable Plastic Bins

Store your items in stackable plastic bins! It keeps everything from being all jumbled up and you can easily tell what you have and what you need. It has the added bonus too of keeping your fridge shelves clean as well, as spills and leaks will stay contained in the bins instead of all over your fridge. We found this great starter kit at Walmart:

The starter kit comes with 6 containers and there are more add on's if you'd like to organize your pantry, your bathroom, your laundry room, etc!


3. Eat Me First!

Try out an "eat me first" bin! Have some things that are expiring soon that you want to make sure don't go to waste? Pop them in a bin labeled "eat me first" to remind yourself!


4. Scribble on your food

Write the date of purchase on or the date it was made on your food containers. It will help you determine what needs to go into the "Eat me now" box and keep you from playing leftover roulette.


5. This handy dandy food chart

Not much explanation needed, just follow this chart:


6. Binder Clips to Save Freezer Space

We all know binder clips can be used to hold opened bags together, but they also can be used to help maximize storage. Simply roll the bags up like you would to store already, but place the clip above the metal racks and clip so that they hang above the rest of your frozen food. This works great for bags of frozen vegetables or even chicken nuggets.


7. Activated Carbon to Deodorize

Instead of a box of baking soda, use a jar of activated carbon. It works better than baking soda to deodorize and lasts longer. It can be purchased at any pet store at sells aquarium equipment and is usually under 5 dollars.


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