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Ask the Salesperson

Updated: Jan 18, 2019

We asked some experts on our sales team to recommend anything we have in the store and they did not disappoint! Below you'll find the run down on some great appliances that most of the sales team have in their own homes!


1. Asko Dishwasher

One of our most seasoned salesmen, Woolsey, couldn't stop singing the praises of the Asko dishwasher. He has one in his own home and he's assured me he would never have any other brand. He says it has the best clean, the best dry and the best overall performance. This Asko has a third rack, which in and of itself isn't anything that unique, but its third rack is different from everyone else's. Asko's third rack isn't as wide as the top shelf, so taller items can still be placed along the perimeter, which means items like larger Tervis tumblers can fit in with no issue. Everything on the inside of the washer, except for the third rack, is made of stainless steel and the outside of the dishwasher is made of a "touch-less" stainless steel that is almost impervious to fingerprints.

The spinner is not attached to the top rack, but rather is an independent component, to ensure even water spray. The dishwasher also boasts and internal heating system to heat your water as well as an internal fan that keeps your dishes from getting the dust from the rest of your home on your dishes. Another cool feature is the anti-leak protection technology, which will automatically shut off your dishwasher should it start leaking. They very best part about this dishwasher? It comes with a three year warranty included if we install it for you. What's not to love?


2. Speed-Queen Laundry

Josh, one of freshest and brightest salesmen, immediately told me that the Speed-Queen laundry family was hands down the best buy in the store. He has some great reasons to make this assertion! The Speed-Queen really lives up to it's namesake with it's longest cycle being only 40 minutes! All their machines are commercial grade, which means they are built to last on average about 25 years. Longevity is something that this brand does very well; Speed-Queen has been made in the same town in Wisconsin for over 110 years by the same family. With this kind of pedigree, they make sure they keep their customers happy with some great perks. All Speed-Queens come with a five year manufacturers warranty and a ten year warranty on the motor and the basket.

We haven't even mentioned the cleaning capabilities yet! Speed-Queen gives you one of the quickest and cleanest washes around, with an agitator designed to make sure all of your clothes are washed evenly and nothing gets stuck on the bottom. So, with it's fast wash times and great cleaning, you'll have cleaner clothes faster!

More coming soon.....

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