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GE'S Kitchen Hub: Game Changer

GE is taking home connectivity to the next level. Discover the new Kitchen Hub.


The new GE Kitchen Hub is part Food Network, part Jetson's and ALL parts cool. Follow along to learn about all the features this innovative and practical kitchen tool has to offer your family.



First off, lets go over the VERY practical part of the GE Kitchen Hub. The Hub serves as a full functional over the range hood. It uses the same components any other GE hood would use and the screen is said to be grease and steam resistant.


Recipes At Your Fingertips

Want all your recipes stored in an easy to find place that never gets lost? Want to watch tutorial videos on how to make a béchamel sauce right in front of your face? Good thing the Hub has you covered! It has over 5,000 recipes automatically stored in the device, plus it comes equip Google assistant, so you can even search for that perfect recipe you found on that random blog you stumbled across. No more keeping dusty old cookbooks above the fridge or shoved on a bookshelf.


Manage the House From Where You Are

The Hub integrates with a large number of home monitoring technologies, including Apple Home, Ring, baby monitoring apps, Amazon Alexa. You can accept packages, monitor your little one, change the thermostat, even tell Alexa to order you some more olive oil all while you're whisking a sauce.


Keep In Touch

The Hub is capable of video chat and calling. Need to talk to your mom while you whip up dinner? Need to call the kids home from down the street? Or do you just want to invite family who lives far away into your kitchen without the plane ticket? No matter who you want to talk to, you can do it hands free right from the kitchen.


Keeping Track of Life

The Hub has a handy scheduling tool that the whole family can utilize. Use it for meal planning for the week, grocery lists, after school activity scheduling, even a chore rotation! Keep your family on track and on the same page!


Be Entertained

Love to jam out to your favorite music while you cook? Listen to a good audiobook? What about catch up on an episode of a show that you missed? With Netflix and Spotify already installed, you can easily multitask in the kitchen, and all from a voice command.


What's the Damage?

Ok, so now you HAVE TO HAVE the Hub, right? But when can you get it? And how much is this puppy, anyway? The Kitchen Hub costs $1,199 to $1,399, depending on whether you choose stainless steel or matte finish, and it should ship in May this year if all goes well in production. With a reasonable price tag and a bevy of great features, the GE Hub will be a great addition to your kitchen.

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