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HACKS: Laundry Edition

Updated: Jan 11, 2019

Below you will find some laundry hacks that you might not have known about that can save you time, money, get you out of a jam and can even rescue clothes you thought were beyond repair!


1. Out of dryer sheets? Use some aluminum foil!

It sounds crazy, but we promise it works! First, start by taking some foil and balling up about three or four square feet of it, making sure that the surface is smooth, as jagged pieces may snag clothes. Put the ball in the dryer and let it tumble with your clothes and it will do a great job eliminating static cling! We wouldn't suggest you replace your dryer sheets completely though, as the ball can be a bit noisy and you don't get that fresh dryer sheet scent. However, in a pinch it will save you an inconvenient trip to the store to buy dryer sheets!


2. Use chalk to fight grease stains

We'll set the scene: the family is over for Sunday dinner and you're in the kitchen making Great Grandma's famous fried chicken recipe. You go to turn over one of the breasts to get it golden on the other side, the tongs slip and SPLAT! you get a big ole grease spot on your favorite shirt. The shirt is ruined, right? Wrong! Once it's time to wash that shirt, go into the garage and grab some of your kid's sidewalk chalk. Rub the chalk all over the stain so it is completely covered, then throw it into the wash cycle like normal. The chalk will draw the grease out of the fabric and your shirt will be as good as it was before the splat!


3. Stubborn armpit stains on a white shirt? We can fix that!

We've all dealt with them: pit stains. Whether you have kids who play sports, a hubby who wears his undershirts to death or you love to hit the gym or the running track with a white top on, you've got some shirts that look a little yellow under the arms. Instead of throwing them away, you can save them with this easy cleaning method that uses what you already have in your home!

You will need: dish soap, hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and a soft bristle toothbrush.

  • First, stir together two parts peroxide and one part dish soap until fully combined

  • Next, pour the mixture on the fabric you wish you clean

  • After pouring the soap mixture, sprinkle the baking soda on top of the mixture

  • Finally, scrub the baking soda into the soap mixture with your toothbrush, making sure to work in circular motions

  • After treating, throw the shirts in with your whites like normal and they will come out whiter and less dingy looking!


3. Hairspray to remove ink stains

Hairspray is a pretty handy thing in general: not only can it keep your hair in place, but it can save your favorite clothes from the dreaded ink stain! Make sure your hairspray is alcohol based, and spray it on the stain and let it set (make sure there is something between the stain and any fabric under it so the ink won't bleed onto any other parts of your clothing). Wash the clothing like normal and the ink should be gone. This hack can also can be used with rubbing alcohol if you have any handy!


4. De-wrinkle with ice cubes

Have a shirt that looks a little wrinkly but don't have time to iron? Toss it in the dryer on medium heat with a dryer sheet and some ice cubes. Let it tumble for about 10-15 minutes while you finish your morning routine and your clothes will come out looking much less wrinkly and smelling great!


5. Red Wine Emergency

There is not many worse stains you can get on a white shirt than red wine. It's dark, it's sticky and it has a strong scent. But, there is a way you can quickly save your garment if you're out and about and can't get to your washing machine just yet. Simply ask for a glass of club soda. Head to the restroom, take the stained garment off, blot as much as you can out with a towel, then thoroughly soak the stain with the club soda. The stain will start to lift right in front of your eyes. Once you are home and can wash, simply throw the shirt in and wash as usual. No one will ever know about your spill!


6. Shaving Cream to save you from BB Cream

Tired of those annoying foundation stains on the collar of your favorite blouse? The fix is probably already in your bathroom! Simply pre-treat the stains with some white shaving cream. Just apply enough to cover the stain, let set for about 30 minutes then toss in the wash as usual! Your clothes will come out clean and not looking like a wipe from the sample section at Sephora!


7. Deep Clean Your Lint Trap

You clean the screen off your lint trap between every cycle, but we all know there is always more that falls down into the depths of your dryer and keeps your clothes from drying at fast or as evenly as they can. Now, there is a simple way to get down in there and get to all the crud you've been missing! All you need is a paint stirring stick and a pillowcase. Insert the paint stick into the pillow case so it lines up with the corner. Once in place, spray the pillowcase with a very light layer of cleaner (we like this one from Method, it smells amazing and is free of harsh chemicals to attract the lint and scrape around the inside of the trap. You should pull out most of the gunk that's down in there and given your dryer a clean, fresh scent. Replace the screen and you're ready for the next load!

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