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Appliance Trends for 2019

Updated: Jan 4, 2019

The New Year is a great time to give your home a refresh, and what better place to start than with the appliances? Check out these fresh new ideas for you to make your own that are both beautiful and efficient.


1. White Is The New Stainless

A combination of white cabinets, white marble counters, a gorgeous white marble back splash and the new Matte White collection from GE Cafe looks clean, fresh, inviting and just a little industrial. It features clean lines, striking design features and lots of smart options to make your life just a little easier. The copper accents give it that extra pop. If you prefer other finishes besides copper, GE has you covered. The knobs and handles can be customized to come in bronze, silver and black as well. The line features every appliance you would need including refrigerators, dishwashers, wall ovens, and microwaves so your whole kitchen can keep a cohesive style. The line also is available in Matte Black and Stainless if you want to be a little more traditional.


2. High Function to Wash Your High Fashion

Fashionistas may balk at the utilitarian look of commercial washers and dryers, but once they do a few loads and see how clean and efficiently their treasured clothing is washed and dried they will certainly become believers. The commercial washer and dryer set from Maytag may not win any beauty contests, but they will out-wash and outlast their competition. With a typical life of about 20 years, they can certainly be considered a wardrobe staple.


3. A Pop of Color

The bright red knobs on a Wolf range are like the signature red sole on a Louboutin heel; a bright red reminder of the high quality item you just purchased and a way to show your guests you bought something envy worthy. Like the classic Louboutin heel, Wolf is one of the highest quality brands you can put in your kitchen. The ranges are available in gas, induction, duel fuel and can be customized with dozens of additional features like griddle tops and fryers. The price tags are higher, but are worth every penny. Wolf has been considered a "chef's brand" for some time and anyone who wants to make sure their kitchen is as good as any restaurant would be trilled to invest in a Wolf kitchen.


4. Full Steam Ahead

Steam ovens are a newer item on the scene and they're very steadily making a name for themselves with their quick cooking capabilities and their innovative technology that keeps meat tender, veggies crisp and pastries flaky and golden. This steam oven from Jenn-Air not only has steam cooking but it is also equip with a convection setting that can be used independently or in conjunction with the steam to ensure an even cook every time. The steam ovens are usually a bit smaller than a regular wall oven, about 24 inches, and look great mounted over a traditional wall oven. They bring style and great diversity to your kitchen and will ensure your food is cooked perfectly every time.


5. Pastel Palette

The striking blue color of this KitchenAid range is dreamy and bold all at the same time. You may have friends who have their island painted a funky color or a unique slab of granite as their counter top but you aren't likely to be a copycat with this beauty. This range is a special edition KitchenAid introduced to celebrate their 100th birthday (there's also a darling stand mixer in the same blue shade) and it has all the bells and whistles. It has duel fuel with a gas top and an electric oven with a fabulous convection setting and even has a handy conversion calculator in the control panel to make sure you never mis-measure again.


6. Three Times the Clean

You've heard of third row seating in SUV's but have you ever heard of third row cleaning in a dishwasher? At the top of the dishwasher, some brands are putting a third pull out rack that is perfect for putting items that you want to make sure get clean but just don't seem to fit anywhere in the dishwasher. This dishwasher from KitchenAid features just that. The dishwasher cleans more of your dishes at the same time, which saves time on hand washing and saves room in the sink. It's the feature you didn't know you needed until you saw it!


7. Connected Cooking

Sure, you have WiFi in everything from your phone to your TV, even in your car, but did you ever think you could have it in your appliances? Several brands are making their appliances "smart" to help make your life just a little bit easier. Bosch, for example, uses technology called "home connect" that is linked to an app on your phone that lets you control your appliances from wherever you are. Need to preheat the oven on the way home from work? It's at 350 degrees when you pull into your garage. Need to tumble those clothes in the dryer so you can fold them when you get home? They're fluffed and ready when you are. What about a fridge that shows you what it looks like on the inside when you're at the grocery store and you can't remember if you're out of milk? Now you can look while your there and not waste gas on a trip back. And lets be real; how cool is it that you can brew coffee from bed and then amble to the kitchen to find a fresh pot waiting for you? It's pretty cool. Jetson's cool.

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