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Avoid a "Lemon" Disaster

Updated: Jan 11, 2019

In this post, we detail out our exclusive program the protects you if you happen to buy a dreaded "lemon"


So you've bought a new appliance that you LOVE, say a dishwasher. It has everything: the features you wanted, the look you wanted, and was at the price you wanted. You can't wait to get it home and run the first load of dishes through it. It is installed and runs perfectly for the first year or so you have it, then strange gurbling noises accompanied by dishes that aren't squeaky clean begin to ruin the new dishwasher party you've been having. You call Bob Wallace Appliance, schedule a service appointment, the friendly neighborhood service tech arrives and they get you back up and running. Probably just a wrong setting, or a small part not working correctly. No biggie. You pay the service fee and all seems to be well.

Your dishwasher works beautifully again. You run a load of dishes and there are no issues to speak of. That is, until the next day. It does it again. You call Bob Wallace again and let them know that your dishwasher is doing the same thing AGAIN! How?! It's brand new! Maybe your tech missed something? They come back out and do some more diagnostics. They don't understand why the fix didn't take the first time, but none the less, they get you up and running again. Then, like clockwork, your dishwasher throws a fit again.

Oh no. Your dishwasher party has been officially ruined. You've got a lemon.

You spend the next couple weeks, and a several hundred bucks, fighting back and forth with your dishwasher, fixing the same thing over and over again. No matter what you do, your dishwasher just won't operate the way its supposed to. You've had it over a year, so your manufacturer's warranty is no longer valid. You're frustrated because you have been hand-washing dishes for a month, Bob Wallace is frustrated because all of the proven methods to fix your issue have failed, and most importantly, both parties are frustrated because both parties are wasting time and money fighting with an unruly dishwasher.

You finally decide to throw the dishwasher away and start from square one. But now, since you've spent all this money on repairs, not to mention the dishwasher you just bought a year and a half ago, you have to get a dishwasher you don't love because you need to keep your budget down. You're frustrated, you can't stand your dishwasher now, and you've lost faith in the longevity of appliances.

But it doesn't have to be this way

Now, we all know there is no way to 100% avoid buying a lemon. Sometimes you just draw the short straw. We hope we don't get one, we inspect every piece before it gets installed, and we get our stock from only the best manufacturers, but unfortunately sometimes you still go home with a lemon.

Luckily for you, Bob Wallace Appliance offers a way to avoid all of this frustration and keep you safe from the repercussions of buying a lemon.

The NSI Protection Plus Plan is a safety net that you can add to any purchase that will save you many a headache and, potentially, a great deal of money. For about the same price as one diagnostic fee, you can protect your new appliances for up to 5 years, 4 years longer than most manufacturers will cover. It extends everything that comes with a manufacturers warranty, plus has additional features that aren't normally included in the warranty from the manufacturer.

With this protection plan in place, you are liable for $0 of repair costs that are related to the functionality of the appliance. If the motor blows, you're covered. If there is a power surge that fries the control panel, you're covered. If the belt breaks, the compressor goes out, the ice maker stops working, you name it and it's covered.

This protection plan even has you covered for the inconveniences associated with an out of service appliance. If your fridge goes out and you lose all your food, NSI will reimburse you for up to $250 dollars at the grocery store to replace your food. If your laundry set is on the fritz, NSI hooks you up for $25 a week for a laundry service bill.

The service also boasts being a "no risk" service. If you happen to never have used your coverage in the 5 years you have it, the cost of the plan is refunded to you in the form of a store credit that can be used towards the purchase of anything in the store.

The most important thing this coverage does though, and the basis of this whole article, is that it protects you from the dreaded lemon. Should you have 3 separate and recorded instances of appliance failure and subsequent service within the same 12 month period, on the fourth call NSI will simply get you a new one; ANY new one of any brand comparable in value. With this protection in place, you won't have to worry about the costs of fighting with an appliance that just won't cooperate or the cost of buying a new one once you figure out you should just start over with a new model.

So, lets go over that scenario again. This time however, you have purchased the NSI Protection Plan to go with your spiffy new dishwasher.

You call Bob Wallace Appliance to come take a look at your dishwasher that hasn't been performing as it should. The service technician is scheduled to come see you, they show up and resolve your issue. You owe nothing for your service call because NSI has you covered. The next day after you do a few loads of dishes your dishwasher starts doing the same thing again. Your service tech comes back out and is befuddled that their normal method did not work. They make a few more adjustments, maybe replace a part of two and you're back up and running once again. You thank them for their time and still don't owe a penny because of your NSI protection plan. Your dishwasher seems to be doing alright again.

Until the next week. The dishwasher quits on you again. This time, you're frustrated. You call Bob Wallace again and let them know your dishwasher is on the fritz AGAIN. The dispatch team looks up your ticket history and gives you some good news. They can send a tech out to you one last time and give your appliance a hail mary. If that hail mary does work, great! If it doesn't, even better! Since you're on your third call about the same appliance in a year, if it can't be fixed we will replace it.

The hail mary doesn't work and the process to get a replacement is started. From that point, you can choose to be issued store credit to choose any comparable appliance in the store or just do an even swap of closest model to what you already have. You select a different brand, one with excellent reviews that still has the features you love and the look that matches your kitchen. Our installation team comes out, hauls off your old dishwasher, installs the new one and you're back to your life of clean dish bliss. You skip off into the sunset hand in hand with your new dishwasher.

Ok, that last part may be a bit exaggerated but you get the picture. The NSI protection saves you from a lot of headache, a lot of wasted money and a lot of wasted time. There are a few hoops to jump through, but they're all free hoops that end with you getting either a fixed appliance or a new one. The NSI Plan truly is a lifesaver and an essential part of any appliance purchase.

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